Climate & Environment

We need to take dramatic action to combat the threat of climate change, and invest in renewable, clean energy sources.

Infrastructure & Transportation

We need to repair our failing roads and bridges, and we must decrease costly congestion by investing in public transportation and innovative traffic management strategies.

Reducing Gun Violence

At a minimum, we must pass the common-sense measures of universal background checks and “red flag” laws to ensure greater safety from gun violence.


We must expand and improve healthcare access for all Minnesotans, keep rural hospitals and clinics open, and ensure that everyone who can give birth has unrestricted access to birth control and abortion services.


We must increase funding for our public education system and invest in workforce training programs.

Workforce Development

We must increase the statewide minimum wage to $15 per hour and directly address the large unemployment rate disparities between white and non-white Minnesotans.

Advocating for the Disabled

We must make all public spaces accessible to disabled people, and address major discrepancies in the quality of healthcare and benefits for disabled people and their families.

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