Advocating for the Disabled

I will fight to address accessibility issues and healthcare discrepancies.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law in 1990 by the first President Bush. 30 years later, many public buildings and sidewalks are still not accessible to disabled people. It’s well past time to change that.

Many Minnesotans with disabilities and their families encounter discrepancies in the care and benefits they receive, which is dependent on the county they live in. A recent article series in the Star Tribune (Chaotic Care) exposed the negative effect these disparities have on many rural families, as well as the general inefficiencies and problems with assistance programs that happen statewide. That is wrong, and the Senate must investigate why it is happening.

Families need champions in the legislature to fix these problems. I’ll be a loud advocate in the Senate for the rights of those who have disabilities and their families.

Prepared and paid for by Campaign of Ann Johnson Stewart, PO Box 46505, Plymouth, MN 55446