My Priorities

Infrastructure and Transportation

  • Create a comprehensive, 10-year plan to fund improved safety for our roads and bridges
  • Implement transit alternatives and new construction to decrease traffic congestion in the Twin Cities
  • Continue and increase funding for the Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant program

Climate and the Environment

  • Use the government’s power and funding to address the threat of climate change and improve the health of the environment 
  • Provide incentives for homeowners to install solar panels in their homes, and to invest in other clean and renewable energy sources


  • Increase funding for our public education system, from pre-K through high school to public colleges and universities
  • Establish and support programs to help working adults earn higher education degrees and certificates to move into better jobs, including paths to construction jobs and other skilled labor forces


  • Support increased access to health insurance, regardless of where and whether an individual works 
  • Increase access to quality healthcare, especially in rural Minnesota, where so many hospitals and clinics are closing 
  • Ensure individual autonomy over healthcare decisions, particularly for reproductive health services like birth control and abortion

Workforce Development

  • Increase employment opportunities and training for minority workers to close the hiring and unemployment rate gaps between white and non-white workers
  • Pass legislation to ensure strong wages for workers, including a statewide $15 minimum wage

Reducing Gun Violence

  • At a minimum, I will work tirelessly to pass “red flag” laws and universal background check laws to ensure safety from gun violence
  • Gun manufacturers, violent gun users, and the NRA must change to fit our desire for a peaceful and safe society

Advocating for the Disabled

  • Advocate for inclusivity and accessibility for disabled people and their families, especially regarding public buildings and sidewalks that are not currently accessible
  • Address location-based discrepancies in the quality of healthcare and benefits received by disabled people and their families